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Jackie and Larry's Photo Cube

DIY Paper Photo Cube Ornament

Paper photo cubes are easy to do and are so light weight you can hang them almost anywhere !

In todays world of selfies and digital files being thrown away to make room for more it is a great way to prolong the memories of the good times. . . . and or enjoy photos scanned from the photo albums currently collecting dust in the closet.

They are great to use for everything from adding to floral arrangements at family reunions to hanging from the coffee cup holder in the kitchen.

Not to mention the beginning of a family tradition of each person picking their 6 favorite pictures of themselves for the family Christmas tree ornament collection.

Whether you are using vintage family photos or the latest selfies out of your cell phones the hardest part is picking your favorite 6 pictures. After that you do need a photo editing program to use the following directions.

I recommend reading all the directions before diving in.

  • Open and Print Tips for Laying Out/Designing Your Photo Cube.

Cube Template.jpg

  • Click image for full sized PDF
  • Select 6 pictures that will crop well and fit the theme of your cube.
  • For each picture you will rotate the photo 45% if possible.
  • Crop it to 2.3″ @ 300 dpi
  • Open New and Improved Template
Genealogy-Gencrafts Cube Template

Click on Image of New and Improved Genealogy-Gencrafts Cube Template for Free Printable Template

  • With the “Tips for Laying Out/Designing Your Photo Cube close” at hand, depending on whether you are using photoshop or a different photo editing software, place the photos in the direction shown on the Tip Sheet.
  • The Cube looks best when the majority of photos have been rotated 45 degrees before cropping to 2.3″. However sometimes the subjects in the photo makes this impossible. Try different placements, refer to Tip Sheet for direction to place pictures and print your cube on standard paper before you commit to expensive paper or sending file to a photo processor.


  • Once you get the cube art done to your satisfaction and printed it on standard paper, cut it out and fold it to make sure everything falls where you wanted and or expected it to. At this point you can print it on a heavy weight satin photo paper or have it printed to an 8×10 at your favorite photo processor. A Satin or Luster finish works much better than gloss because finger prints will show less.
  • Then you need to figure out how to hang your cube. For this example I simple ran a ribbon through a button and tied a knot so it would not pull out if somebody pulled on it.


  • Cut out around your cube art


  • If you have a 1/8 in paper punch you can punch a small hole where the ribbon comes out through the cube.



  • Fold all the panels and tabs.
  • If you are going to use rubber cement as I am here you have to put some rubber cement on the back side of the paper where you will be pressing the flaps that have glue on the front side of the paper. As well as gluing the front of the flaps. Let the rubber cement/contact cement dry until it is tacky.
  • Hot glue applied sparingly works the best to assemble the cubes.








  • Before you start assembling your cube put the ribbon/button in the corner it belongs. Refer to tip sheet. Glue tab 1 first. Tab 2 next. Followed by tab 3.




  • Glue Tabs 5, 6 and 7 all at the same time.
  • Gluing in this order is the most efficient.







Enjoy !
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