July 23
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Even easier than doing the family crossword puzzle is a word find. Whether it is all the surnames in the family or the names of all the countries, villages and cities your ancestors came from it is a simple task with the free word find creators you can find online.

Another great addition to Family History and Photo Albums or the Family Reunion notebooks or invitations they are something young and old find fun and challenging.

Again, while they are easy to create yourself, an even simpler way to format them is to use one of the many online Word Find Creators.

At Discovery Educations Puzzle Maker found at http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/WordSearchSetupForm.asp you have the option of adding a title, deciding the number of letters across and down, whether to use each letter only once, share letters occasionally or to share letters as much as possible. You can output the puzzle in HTML or text in either upper or lower case letters. They do have a licensing statement that their generator is for classroom use only, but as long as you are not selling copies I would think personal use only would slide by.

At Instant Online Word Search Puzzle Maker, found at


They have the interesting option of making the word search puzzle more complicated by listing clues, like a crossword puzzle instead of the words themselves that you have to find.

At ABCya.com they have a 5 step puzzle creator at http://www.abcya.com/make_a_word_search.htm

that is so simple a child could create their own word search.

Additional Word Search creators offer a wide variety of options including adding back grounds, different shapes etc.

Word find puzzles are a great thing to hand out for quiet time or maybe when a little quiet time is needed !



Make sure and include the solution key to the back of your book to help the frustrated few who don’t have the patience to finish the puzzle on their own.


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