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Chinese Lantern Photo Cube w/free printables !

May 7

This post is still a work in progress.

Photo of Basic Red Chinese Lantern Photo Cube

Basic Red Chinese Lantern Photo Cube


Whether you make the basic Chinese Lantern or embellish yours with tassels or dragons, this photo cube is simple to put together and versatile. And if you don’t have any Chinese ancestors all you have to do is change the color scheme and embellishments and you can make this lovely “Mothers Day Tulip” shaped photo cube.

Photo of Female Ancestor Tulip Photo Cube


Photo of Lantern

Simple lantern decorated with Dragon Heads, A Tassel and the Chinese Character for “Wong”.


    Photo of Chinese Lantern template. Drop your favorite photos into the Chinese Lantern Template in your preferred photo manipulation program. If you don’t have a photo manipulation program you can print the FREE PRINTABLE (link below) as is, cut out the squares for the photos, print the photos separately and tape them behind the template. (Example Below). Use photos of all the same person or multiple generations. For this lantern I hand colored photos of all the same person at different ages, in Photoshop. I also put the Character for “Wong” above each picture, and the characters for his first and generational name below the photos. I also replaced the bright red background from the Free Printable with an acrylic dirty pour that I made using Red and gold and black acrylic paint. I had the Chinese Lantern art printed at a commercial printer on Luster Photo Paper. Gloss ends up with hard to remove fingerprints. I also printed several on 50lb coated paper on a laser printer at home and the results were quite pleasing


For Bright Red Chinese Lantern template CLICK HERE

For Dirty Pour Chinese Lantern template CLICK HERE

For Tulip Lantern template CLICK HERE

I would recommend printing several copies at home on your printer if you have one to practice your cutting and folding.


Photo of cutting out the lantern

Cut out the Chinese Lantern Template.


Photo of folding the Chinese Lantern

Fold each section of the Chinese Lantern template and press crisply.


Photo of folding the template

Repeat the folding process at the bottom of the photos and press crisply.


Photo of pressing the fold.

Lay on the table and press firmly with your finger.


Photo of flattening the template.

Gently flatten the Chinese Lantern Template.


Photo of folding all of the Vertical lines of the template.

Fold all of the Vertical lines of the template.


Photo of pinching the vertical lines crisply.

Pinch the vertical lines crisply.


Photo of folding and pressing crisply all of the glue tabs.

Fold each of the glue tabs.


Photo of folding and pinching the template crisply.

It is important that the fold is pinched crisply.



Photo of double sided tape.

Use double sided tape on all of the glue tabs and the side tab. It is important that the tape cover the entire tab. Either use glue tape which I found worked best or hot glue. Trying to use contact cement was frustrating (for me) and it was next to impossible to hold position while regular craft glue set up.


Examples Of  Various Embellishments

Photo of embellished Chinese Lantern

Chinese knots and tassels make great embellishments for the Chinese Lanterns.

Photo of more complex tassle.

More complex tassels are easy to assemble.














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Chinese Character Generators and Caligraphy Generators

February 12


Sample of Chinese Characters

Sample of Chinese Characters


You have documents with your Chinese ancestors signatures on them but don’t have a clue how to get them typed . . . much less change the fonts as easy as any Roman style type.

The solution is easier than you might imagine.

Do they have an app for that?

Better than an app, translation into other languages and their appropriate fonts are built into the operating system of Iphones, I don’t know about other brands.  You can write in almost any language. Just switch keyboards to any language you want. Settings/General/Keyboards/Add New Keyboard.

Then when you want to compose a Chinese character –

  • Open your email program.
  • Click on the little globe.
  • On the screen that comes up, use your finger to draw the character.
  • A selection of characters that the Chinese translator thinks you may have drawn comes up.
  • Compare the characters to what you were trying to draw.
  • Tap the correct character and it pops up to the email message box.
  • Do the next character you want.
  • When you have all of the characters you plan to do, email the message to yourself.
  • Now you can copy, cut and paste the character into many programs.
  • Make a file/page that has all your characters on it so it is easy to copy for future projects, instead of having to go find them in your email.

All without a Chinese keyboard.. I did not say it was easy or fast, but it works.

It does help if your ancestor had decent handwriting, was not in a hurry, and you have several samples to compare.


What can you do with your new found ability to turn your Chinese ancestors names into something modifiable?

If you want to have a wide selection of Chinese font opportunities, check out . . .

where you will find 384 different fonts for you to download, including: 44 Cute; 41 Calligraphy; 33 Handwriting; 7 Elegant; 124 Simplified Chinese; 25 Pop; 15 Headline; 2 Song Ti; 51 Traditional Chinese; 29 Modern and 8 Rounded. 21 of which are specifically tagged in “Commercial-use OK”


Example of HanWangKanDaYan Font

The “Cute” type styles really made me smile . .


Example of S2G Love Font

There is even a font with lots of hearts in the characters.


If you don’t want to download and install fonts, has 14 different fonts built in, and all you have to do is paste the word or words into the box, pick your font and size and download the finished calligraphy.

This site has links to a multitude of interesting tools including: A Chinese calligraphy generator; Stroke order where you put in the character and it shows you the order you should use to write the character yourself; Chinese Family Relationship Titles; Characters for Chinese Tatoos with their meanings; A Character Decomposition tool ; A Chinese Calendar that you can convert any date from the Julian Calendar into the equivalent Chinese date, once you get to the proper month and year calendar it shows the Chinese holidays in that month; A love calculator based on both persons birth dates and Chinese Astrology; and MANY more tools. Some work better than others. You need to make sure the type style is Simplified Chinese. There is also a converter for Traditional to Simplified Chinese.

Here are some of my favorite tools at this site.

Screenshot from the Calligraphy Generator

Screenshot from the Calligraphy Generator


Wong Character

This Character and the ones below, are the Surname “Wong” in different Chinese Typestyles. It was generated at


Wong Character

This font is very much like many of the family “Chop”s. A Stamp usually carved into soapstone, most often pressed into a red stamp pad to print on artwork or stamp at the bottom of letters and documents. It was generated at


Wong Character

This style is also a traditional font used for Chop’s. It was generated at:


Wong Character

This font looks a lot like it is imitating bamboo. It was generated at:

Wong Character

Wong Character

I have seen these fonts embroidered on Chines hats and robes. This font looks a lot like it is imitating bamboo. They are perfect for bold art. They were generated at:

Wong Character

JACKIE - Example of Word Art from

JACKIE – Example of Word Art from

Enter your name or any word, pick from one of 14 fonts, pick from one of 35 Chinese Paintings and it will generate same as Chinese Art including the name and a chop.

Examples of two of the pieces of art you can put any Chinese characters you want on.

Examples of two of the pieces of art you can put any Chinese characters you want on.

You may download it and print as you desire from their website at:

Enter Chinese characters and it will turn it into a Chop Seal in either red with white background or white with red background, in one of several different fonts.

You need to convert your character to Simplified Chinese, there is a link to a tool to do that.

Enter Chinese Character onto page. Choose the size of the Chinese calligraphy model. Pick one of 10 Chinese fonts. Choose the orientation of the characters and generate the calligraphy.

Besides the Chinese Calligraphy Generator the site also has Traditional>Simple Character converter and a Pinyin-Converter

There are other great sites, but these are the ones I have been using.

Examples of Chinese Monogram Ornaments

Examples of Chinese Monogram Ornaments with Acrylic Dirty Pour backgrounds and 3D puff paint Chinese characters that I made of the Wong and Leo family names to add to the family Chinese New Years Decorations.


Photo of Hung Bow Photo Lanterns

Traditional Hung Bow Lantern designs modified to celebrate Chinese Ancestors


Chinese Themed Pedigree Chart

Chinese Themed Pedigree Chart


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